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Colegio San Jose: 1 thru 8th Santa Ana, El Salvador

I used to live a block from this school...I would stay over after school and played soccer, until the last of my friends was picked up and was rushed by the sun setting, for he had to catch the bus home. This are my glorious days were I would wonder around in the city streets of Santa Ana, and the wekends would be the visits to the country side at Mamachela's...
I was mother being a schhol teacher was gone for the majority of the, and the sunsettings would remind me that she was coming...Her mom, Ofelia, took care of us...I will never forget her, even when i will be in hell, i will always have the most special place for her in my heart. She was a single mother...1 boy and 2 girls....Antonio, Lilian and Yolanda (my mother).
The days in school were full of discipline...I learned to memorize, and i learned about the world, biology, social sciences, a great deal of math and to sing the national anthem of El Salvador...
the war was getting closer to that side of the contry and kids were being recruited...and that is how I ended in the U.S. of America...


South Gate Junior High: 8th South Gate, California

this was the worst time of my life in a distant and concrete jungle
compared to what I was used to. I could not accomodate myself,
the language was foreign and confusing
making friends was hard, but gradually friendly once one's smell is recognized.
I used to walk home for about 1/2 an hour
I used to look north,
towards the mountains so far way...the san bernandino mountains
I constantly felt like a caged bird...the wild was calling me,
and I let that instict create a uncomfort on my soul,
for a period of about 18 years.


Noble Junior High: 9th Chathsworth, California

I would get up early in the morning to catch the bus at South Gate High School.
I felt unwanted at the beginning;
it was an introduction to the San Fernando Valley.
Out of everything,
the mountains chain were closeat foothills,
and I could see them at least.
I meet great friends here and I do have great memories.
The people here were warm or was it because I was getting used to this system?...
and I just did not notice or had a chance to...
I had my first crush here and my first kiss...
I remember riding on the bus...laying down, taking a whole sit for my self...
and suddenly a girl launches on top of me and kissed me...I was not scared, but I felt cool...
nothing happened later on...
I was still afraid of women...
one of the funny things about me is that fear motivates me to do things...
talking about women...
I used to pull and play with the teacher assistant's bra during class...
I guess that earlier on I had developed an animalistic instict.

James Monroe High School: 10 thru 12 North Hills, California

This is were I was introduced to creative writting, I took Mrs. Atkins class...
it has been one of the most influencial classes,
besides Fred Vassar's at Woodbury University, were i was introduced to paintig.
I played senior year soccer,
this was the first time I had played organized soccer in since the 3rd. grade.
I still keep in touch with some of the friend I made there..

Los Angeles Pierce College: 1990 thru 1994 Woodland Hills, California

I took as many classes for general knowledge purposes...from art to auto mechanics,
Martin B. Gelber's talent and enthusiasm of the love for architecture gave me a great internal
motivation to view the carrer as life itself staining with desire to express and create (in this
case as a building form or plannification), thru all these years I have been thankful for the
path I chose...and architecture cannot be seen as planning of buildings or town or the plannification
of the world...but it is found deeper in the human structure...that defines, plannifies and shapes our spirit, or minds.


Woodbury University : 1994 thru 1998 Burbank, California
B. of Architecture

I found great friends for life in here...I found thought development and self criticism...I found that my idea is not the solution, it a solution...If I were to choose my career again, I would still choose architecture....over and over and over....


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