light on earth

a translation of “luz en la tierra”

writings, translation by Gustavo Alvarado
writings registered to the u.s. copyright office
© Gustavo Alvarado 2012

was transcendent
fiery freedom


a dream

blood runs among the oxygen through the air
it ponders and asks itself "what to do?"
when gravity separates its molecules
without knowing what could happen
it gazes at the clouds and wonders where to run again

“and him, why does he do it?”

oxidizing blood is awaiting to be circulated once again
depart and be consumed into the earth
depart and live between the veins of its obscurity

while the clouds cross the lightning’s shadows
birds daydream and travel between the air and vapors
fervor is born and instilled
worn like a dream

the mountain’s spirit was once heard singing
engraved within its rocks was the winds’ desires roaring

the lightning’s illusions was once heard singing
towards the traveling clouds that cut the air across the distance

memoirs of the shadows were once narrated
yesterday were the children playing under the tree of intellect
so they can grow healthy among oxidizing barbed wire
mutilated were their bodies every time they attempt to escape
to implore in the altar of flowers
so the validity of their flesh and spirit are considered
daily petitions for their existence.


where is it?

“where were you, vanished light?”

for it has not been seen in the air

“were you floating the clouds above?”

your idea of being born
recognize the emptiness lived
imagining fairy tales
dormant and wanting to breath
among separated molecules
forming nothingness
an empty and divined thought
eternally separated

red-hot light
expecting resurrection of the lost dreams

have only heard of its existence
in nocturnal legends
without thinking
like a traveler’s memoirs
have lived a dream
without knowing how it is to be happy
its burned skin
ready to touch your being.


before departing

within the understanding before departing
the creators implored not to gaze at the sun
for the eyes would blind in the yellow inferno
and would undergo a punishment
of shadows and eternal obscurity
and never see light on earth again

only look at the ground
and do not fix the sight above the eyes' horizon
do search for the truth
within the lightning’s reflection of the true artist
drawing his messages in the earth’s skin
lighting colors and creating with her light
creating with its colors and inspiring life to come
worn out of excessive praise
for the answers and reality are and will be created by him

“breathe deep before departing”

contemplate your sight in the mirror
never lose the sulphuric fertile jewels
which cry with emotion and fire
and connect to the heart
guiding along the eternal obscurity.


the same being

sunny days are here to stay
among us
among our hopes
across a journey of encounters

colorful aromatic flowers are here to stay
deep into the heart
agonizing and laughing
eating the light
morning dew on our skin
morning dew receiving sunny days

within the progression of the daily process
we wear our colorful skin as a human sign
proving that we are the same kind
that we are the same being
infinitely germinating
treasure found inside the heart
­mental jails
strengthen by weakness
defining separation
germinating human segregation.


gazing at the sky

you see me from above
do listen to my revolving sighs
yearning for your light at night fall

life that finally sees you
and pronounces you

listen to the sighs
lie in waiting ambulant
next to the dreams
caressing the desires
stroll me through your bloody clouds
filled with the earth's cries
when we see your face

inspire us to ask for water
for the drifting spirit
hungry and thirsty for your light.


golden hands

as your branches signal towards the sky
golden suntanned hands
requesting the sky for water

one more time
the caresses inside the eyes
that see you laugh
fulfilling to live
to exist
once again the earth’s pardon
disseminated by the thunder
when your voice is born

worshiped are your caresses
that illuminate when smiling
to fulfill my breath

golden suntanned hands
mimicking smiling plumages
thousands of eyes cry for its pardon
and the hatred of those tragedies
dreamed once again
by the days without sun
which harms the love
and dulls the nourishment.


human substitution

in the shipwreck scenes
salt and blood mix
all the sweetness penetrates the skin and mind
that once traveled through the dreams
visions of wealth
through its subterranean and lost lands

the flowers awake crying
as a result of the bleeding air
red tinted sun rays
witnessing the death of the day
witnessing the human destruction
by the gods who created us

we are ready
in a single file
the new generations to substitute the errors
the lost treasures
the vain
of how many times have the gods failed?
no one admits that the mistake is theirs
invoke the time
continue blowing living blood

at the end of the day
as much as we long for arriving
we find emptiness
without thinking about it
because they never waited

we were going to arrive.


on the altar of flowers

on the altar of flowers
we implore your pardon

infinite sky

filled with vibrant eyes which illuminate the night
for we are navigators of the sky

on this altar of flowers
we offer the heart
representing our soul

on this altar of flowers
we offer our mind
representing our fault

we light it up with fire
for the sun will take the wind and burn its integrity
and propagate our repent for hurting the earth

without thinking the punishment is executed
to finally extinguish myself
cutting up the chest
with knives of dried roots
to extract the treasure
in exchange for teardrops.


earth’s pardon

infertile earth
you are left as you are in the desert’s shore
forgiveness for being an imbecile
daring like a divine god who is not worth emptiness
pretending that existence is valid
nocturnal without living in the sunny day
that you would always grant us

arrogant is the mind
industrialized you
absolute ignorance
roaming and thirsty for water
of natural resources
the future pierces
we never saw your face cry
to see your end
bitter roses
broken by poisoned oxygen
have oxidized the natural deposit of water
the sun has shut down the resources
our hope is chained and blind folded like justice

we sell salvation to the highest bidders
cross where humanity is restrained
similar to its creator
tied up and decomposed
through the air hope's aroma roams around
we cut the flesh and sell it for convenience
for being afraid and greedy

we sell salvation to the highest bidders
for the fault of being born and to exist
for breathing poison
by your words of wisdom and fire
so we thought at the end of our light.


light on earth

light recites words of inspiration
makes you grow like a flower and illuminates your palate
it breaks within the living distance
among all arid and depressed territories

the moon visits you
it enjoys the aroma of your smile
caresses your hair
cascades of lightning
of passionate hearts
to live
to laugh
to exist

run with a smile on your face
through life’s prairies
of sadness
of bitterness
of happiness

for the sun illuminates your eyes
in my memory
so it would remember you forever.


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all work shown done by gustavo adolfo alvarado peraza 19721210