navigators of the sky

a translation of “Navegantes del Cielo”

writings by Gustavo Alvarado
writings registered to the u.s. copyright office
© Gustavo Alvarado 2008

dedicated to my nieces: lauren and sofía miller alvarado


navigators of the sky

navigators of the golden sky
daydreamed by us all
running and exultingly smiling
plowing it with your blue gaze

how great and vast are?
my horizons
blue lanterns
with white stains

how vast and great are?
our dreams

through display cases of rural flowers
perspiring boiled air
are your graceful prairies
inverting their colors
towards the most clear

passive storms
feathered lashings
the afternoon initiates

wetting you hair.


here is

here is
the place where i was born
between the earth’s scent and the ocean’s humidity

here is
my minute terrestrial story
transcending only a few years
of bitterness
for not given myself time to continue enjoying

here is
all the power classifying my being
renouncing to the rules:
of orthography
of aesthetics and balance
founded by order
founded by inspirations and religions
present at the blue altar

smiles pretending to understand human history
in love with itself

for not falling to our lowest capacities
we find ourselves at a corner
the exit is there
staring at us
suggesting that we climb and navigate the blue sky…
brightened by blackened night lights
illuminated by light
reflecting the desire to exist

here is
the golden altar
blue lights
sunned yellowish

here is
all the power the carnal ignorance has consumed
throughout oblivions
and idled smiles
counter demonstrating
what is not
what  we are  not
who i want to be:
a farmer of blue souls
porting a starry cape
sweet cloyed
like skin
sweet as a the yellow light

here is
everything built and earned
counter demonstrating

blue light

i implore you to paint my face with light
so i can remember myself in the mirror.


smiling towards the desert

it is the last i ask of you before departing to the desert

today we find water
just imagine:
behaving strangely
drooling like a dog
on our dark skin once offered to the earth

it is like a divine forgetfulness
leaning out towards pending adventures
sprouting from thirst
my brother.


yesterday’s memories

yesterday’s memories
of childhood
laying on the prairie
almost withered
of colors
and acute sweatiness

in the shadow
my sight is tilted at an angle
towards the blue
watching how the clouds walk and gallop on the wind
until being destroyed ahead by their destiny

and i remember drawing with my eyes
summit horizons
almost hills
not mountains
of altitude
galloping the clouds
on their skin

i remember.


thru the window

if my thoughts would expand
feelings encountered in past epochs
would have paid all debts
of all those
buried feelings
inspiring to be reborn
and encounter themselves against indifference

we are nocturnal
drifting in latitudes
we have become nocturnal
all those passions
visibly emerging
emerging from hesitating memories
doubting the existent
not believing in the possibility

pondering at the sacred table
filling myself with prayers and pleas
my emotions are calm

when we open the window
and look at the sky
deep and filled with birds
freedom drawn in their smiles

i follow behind.


expanding wings

where has our human tragedy journeyed to?
of how much it has been calculated without doing anything?
fill up my provisions

from high above we find the desert
green illuminations deny the path

how much have we heard?
only in the past
learned and conjugated

we have decided to expand our wings
so we can descend with human pride
inexplicable conditions surround us
only here inside the maternal fire
and return to the past again
like any other book
as if there are no stains of elimination
of incapacitated characteristics

foreign cries
pleased to be painted blue
like the sky…
fraternal sighs
when i see the green illumination across
crossing and shipwrecking
thru arid conditions
letting me pass by
not being able to argue or comment on my future.


asking for pardon

sacred hands…
asking for pardon

yellowed dyes
sacred by its prayers
by its individual within blue blankets
asking for pardon

of the poor crippled
who does not have a heart
nor willingness to live
nor dream

in files we stand
triumphant believes
convincing our habits

but what we don’t know
is that everything is in vain
everything continues
for it has been written in the future

on continuation:
we continue asking for forgiveness
imploring a thousand times

until the sunset
nothing more!


the one who navigates you

skies of multiple colors
of many hidden minds
of multiple delayed stains
oxidizing sunset

let us remember your beautiful wings
so you would caress our faces
and make us happy once more

of so much solar dominion
one day you will evade its features
marked scars
dreamed by the night
it will come one day

joyful are the ones who illuminate you
who adore you
and navigate you

in your gardens i will be seated
exquisite delicacies clamping on your wings

at last
everyone start navigating

triumphant for being.


fruitful afternoons

what are you hiding within you?
when you come thundering along with the wind
redden blue tides
mixing to give us the afternoon

afternoon in which they are born

all the fruits
adorning our landscape
sunny and humid
like a mirror…
the river that says goodbye
i will be back through you
along with all those memories
retrieving childhood memories.


traveling thru the blue air

within all the smiles multiplying themselves
we retrieved back happily to the past
remembering the times when we were birds

you have flown
traveling through the blue air
like rapid river tides
rioting and plowing the rocks
not considering their feelings

will move forward
to get there earlier
to see them cry
for not listening
when you demanded silence and serenity

still remorse
for not listening to you
critical past in the future
hidden present
maternal instinct
it reminds me of the other day.


with my eyes

how much?
will i drink again
green landscapes
sky in between

sight derived
taken by my eyes
when combining the green and the sun

my green
confusion between the sky and sun
subdued suns
sometimes singing alone
imploring reason during the days that pass by
by its shadow
and yellowed

sweetened reasons
sweet like my breath
of wanting
the smell of flowers
dancing in the prairies.


fire within

only here
we were born cowards
for not tearing it out of our chest
and offer it to the sky

for not wanting to dream
nor rise upon the minds
thinking they are wise

combined pleasures with pleasures
for knowing and utilizing only letters
to express ourselves

for not feeling the morning breath
illuminating the blue sky
red-hot of clear yellows
among the weeds we walked
running and grinning

of light brown skin and blue eyes
from too much staring at the sky in its glory
reminds us of our virtue
of bearing fire within.


natives of the sky

only us the natives
have survived among the blue air
we stare at the horizon parting our blue sky

wait and we shall follow it towards the eastern yellow
we scream with fervor
the divine birth

illusions are cloyed of light
those little ones daily evilness
suffering among teeth

maybe they are nervous?
my light
love and admiration…
have everyone come in a file
and have them bring love and light
to illuminate my appetite for life

among darken skies
galloping through foreign reminiscent afternoons
brought in platters of eternal hours and sighs
for skipping my recollections...
among the skies you are capturing  a memory
which does not liquidate thru a personal debt
forever eternal
the desire to see the blue sky.


thru the west

of blue sceneries we paint our skies
an acute glory calls us
afternoon’s chanting announce the sun’s departure

go thru the west
to come back and do not forget again

we embrace its announcement joyfully
when we awake
eyes wide open at dawn
we look towards the east
hopping for another day
to live and breathe once more.


among your eyes

more smiles they cannot take away
for seeing our blue sky reflected in your black eyes
landscapes of blue green with white curtains
and prairies of infinite air

here are my sighs
marking promises
for ever
when the afternoons die
will i incline my face to receive your sacred weeping?
and confirm my believes growing on my skin?
unforgettable roots and believes of being happy…
seeing how you paint my eyes of reflected golden blues.


see up above

not once i have forgotten to look upwards
my blue sky…
you travel among green columns
you ought to forget us when passing by
and looking at myself looking at you from below…
with pride
you pass by navigating
navigators of the blue sky!
navigators of the blue sky!
listen to us…
our pleas
and take us so you can send us to new illusions
take us
we want to be yours!


plea up above

pleading above towards the deep infinite
without touching with the fingers
nor with intellectual visions…
i have to imagine our dinner
to say good bye and depart like a dream
awaiting for us in the middle of a park
with blue flowers and hungry birds
i ought to go with courage
triumphs of my fears are asking me to fly
of the hunger i feel…
towards my material things

you ought to stay.


thru the air

if it would desire
the blue sky to come
golden and smiling
yearning sighs
thru old memories
that occur during my daily trajectory

any how
we will be here
to see you up above
like balloons we want to fly
and breathe our waters
like being in the earth’s womb

like mud
in ashes we will terminate
looking at the sun
among the leaves
like drops of light

thru the air
i am allowed to breathe.


with wings almost torn

again we come with our wings almost torn
to investigate those horizons
which were recited in the afternoon

at last we have come here
to resuscitate our actions
actions of the past
that will be in the present

feathered of the sky
eternal sighs
that we feel when we open our eyes
when we finish drinking water

in the afternoons
we would be screaming
so it won’t leave
for it to maintain static
just like we like it
just like we need it

with my wings almost torn
embracing festivities
in this afternoon.


descending from the sky

i am done with everything that i have seen…
when descending from the green hills
looking at the sky

longing when laying down
looking up above
with my sight almost blinded…
from too much light


and when descending
i drink the ravine water
embarking on stones
hugging the territorial grasses

we have descended from the sky for a moment
to experiment like humans
the blue gaze surrounds us
we are only a sigh


i yearn to travel again.


with our hands

in here we travel

all of us
in these alleys
of three stories

only the sky sees us
painted black…
and us
form too many pleads for light
at least for a couple of days

collectively we all throw casks
casks filled with white and blue paint to the floor
and with our hands
connected to our hearts
as one
we mix the paints
mimicking the sky from our memory…
so when it reacts
it would look itself at a mirror
and would remember
its face once again.


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all work shown done by gustavo adolfo alvarado peraza 19721210